Thursday, May 28, 2015


Here's a peak at my latest novel:

Desperate to save her family’s historic lake resort from demolition, twelve-year-old Mia begs a Ouija board for help, accidentally unleashing the ghost of a Depression-era gangster.

All winter long, Mia Luisa Cristina Molloy pines for June when she can escape her family's cramped Chicago apartment and spend summer at her grandparents’ old Wisconsin resort. But when she arrives this year, her dreams for another amazing break are crushed right away. Her big brother Antonio acts like he’s too cool to hang with her anymore, and her grandparents confess they’re broke. In September they plan to sell the resort to a developer, and Mia's favorite place in the entire world will be destroyed.

Scrambling for any idea to stop the sale, no matter how crazy, Mia consults the spirit world through a Ouija board. A ghost named Gus answers her pleas, claiming to know about long-lost cash hidden somewhere at the resort. Mia follows his sketchy clues until she discovers Gus was a Chicago bank robber who disappeared in 1932—and now his ghost is inexplicably after her brother. Clock ticking, Mia races to find the loot and bail out the resort before her brother sleeps with the fishes and her family’s legacy disappears forever.

THE LOST TREASURE OF FULL MOON LAKE, a finalist in Pitch Wars 2015, is a 45,000-word middle grade mystery.

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