Instead of having a blast at summer camp, twelve-year-old Rebecca Sernett is stuck at her uncle's in Iowa. Bo-ring. Once she arrives at the old family farmhouse her nightmares about a freaky thunderstorm get worse, and a shadowy ghost stalks her every move. Rebecca's not bored, she's scared—and no one believes her, including her new crush Nick and local troublemaker Kelsie.

Determined to find out why the ghost is targeting her, Rebecca follows its whispers to a stash of letters written by her great-great grandma when she was a kid—letters that hint at a mysterious tragedy and point her to an abandoned farmhouse. As the haunting escalates, she struggles to piece together the secret in her family's past, sure it holds the key to stopping the haunting. But when the puzzle finally forms a picture, she shocked to discover she isn't in danger at all. If Rebecca can't face the ghost and her nightmares head-on, Kelsie is the one who will suffer.

GHOST FARM is a middle grade mystery complete at 33,000 words.

I am currently seeking representation.

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